The Monk

About 15 years ago my friend and I where walking home from the city centre after a night out.   It was about 3 in the morning and we where walking along Scotland road.  We were walking past St Anthony of Egypt church, when I noticed a hooded shaped figure on the grass outside the church.

I alerted my friend and we hesitated to walk past, but we needed to go that way and decided to be brave. At first we where worried it was a someone trying to scare people or possibly a potential attacker, but as we approached the figure we saw it was a monk.  We could clearly see its hood and the tie on its robe. We also saw that this ‘thing’ had no face or visible hands and was levitating off the ground!  As we got level with it it started swaying.
Needless to say we where terrified and ran as fast as we could back to my mums house (the nearest place we could get to).  My mum thought we’d been attacked when we burst through the door.

I am unable to explain what I saw that night, but it was very very scary. I still can’t bring myself to look when I drive past  there late at night.