The Disappearing Drum Key

I used to play drums, and I kept my drumkit in my aunties garage.  This was detached from the house at the end of her garden.

One day, I had entered into the garage and as was my habit, placed my keys on the window sill of the garage window that overlooked the garden.  There were only three things ever on this windowsill, one was a rather tired looking pot plant, my keys when I was there and also my drum tuning key.

I don’t remember seeing the drum-key when I placed my keys down on the sill, I just assumed it was there.  I started playing the drums and noticed that one of them didn’t sound quite right.  Maybe it needs tightening I thought so I went to get the key.

I looked on the windowsill and it wasn’t there.  I looked at the floor underneath and it also wasn’t there either.  Puzzled I went back to playing it assuming my aunt had picked it up, I would ask her later.

I finished my drum session and when I picked my keys up I did another quick look around, sill and floor in case I missed it the first time.  I hadn’t.

I covered my drumkit and then put the light off and opened the big garage door.  Before I closed the door I did a quick look back around the room – as you do – to check everything was ok and there on the windowsill was a glint of silver.   It was the drum-key.

How it had returned, I don’t know.  I have my suspicions that someone – or something was having a laugh at my expense down at the bottom of that garden.